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We are sadden to inform all of you that our long time friend, colleague, client and Latin Diva of Comedy Marilyn Martinez lost her bout with cancer. Marilyn passed away Saturday November 3rd at 10:16 am.

Marilyn's husband David was by her side every minute of every day since she was diagnosed with colon cancer nearly nine months ago. David was with her when she passed Saturday morning. David has truly exemplified the true meaning of Love and Marriage. David you are a saint.

We were able to spend some time with Marilyn in her last couple of days and she seemed at peace with what was inevitable. One of our favorite Marilyn Martinez routines was a great bit that she made classic Marilyn, a bit about making memories. Most of you know this bit. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to have known her and to have had the opportunity to have made a couple of memories with her as well.

Fellow comics like Chris Rock, Andrew Dice Clay, George Lopez, Joe Rogan, Martin Lawrence, Carlos Mencia, Cheech Marin, Damon Waynes Dane Cook, Pauly Shore and Eva Langoria, were all big fans of Marilyn. Cheech brought her on tour with him all last year, Martin Lawrence featured her on his First Amendment series for Starz this year, Carlos Mencia had her open for him on several shows at the beginning of this year as well. Pauly Shore featured her in his 2003 film “Pauly Shore is Dead” and Paul Rodriguez had her tour with him for many years.

In recent years Marilyn was in the first season of SiTV’s Reality Show “Urban Jungle” where she played Matriarch to a house full of spoiled young adults. She was also seen in the “Hot Tamales” with Eva Langoria as well as in the movie “For Da Love of Money” and Damon Waynes “My Wife and Kids”.

Marilyn had been honing her craft performing her brand of comedy for over 30 years having performed in just about every city in America. Marilyn was also one of Comedy Store owner Mitsy Shores favorites and one of the Comedy Store legends.

Most recently she co-headlined and was able to showcase her true uncompromised talent on Showtime, in the Original Latin Divas of Comedy.

Marilyn was a true comic and she was truly a comics comic. For that she was our favorite comedienne and one of our dear friends. She never compromised her own comedy or what she might say on stage in front of anyone at anytime on any occasion and that's what made her so unique and so special to us. She made us laugh all the time and that's all she really ever wanted to do, just make people laugh.

We love you and we will all miss you dearly Marilyn.

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Marilyn did not have health benefits and did not have a life insurance policy. Donations to Marilyn’s burial will be greatly welcome. You can either contribute through the Paypal Donation Page on this site or send checks made out to her Husband "John David Crowder" and sent to this address:  

John David Crowder
1621 Edgecliffe Drive
LA 90026-1001

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On the morning of November 3, 2007 at about 10:15, Marilyn Martinez passed away at Hollywood Presbyterian hospital.

Her husband David, best friend Dolores and I were at her bedside. I happened to be awake when I got news that it was getting down to the wire so I hopped in my car and sped to the hospital. We stood around her hugging her and holding her hand always assuring her we loved her and there was nothing to be afraid of. We encouraged her to do what she had to do and not worry about us. We promised her that we would support and love each other just as she had supported and loved us. Her husband then said, “Relax, Marilyn. Go to sleep.” And with that, she passed away peacefully.

People may say that Marilyn Martinez lost her battle with cancer but I say she decided to surpass the cancer and go through the doorway to start a new life somewhere else other than what we understand as earth. Life doesn’t end. Life simply changes. It may sound morbid, but we're all headed through that door at some point or another and when we finally go, we should all be so lucky to be surrounded by so much love just like Marilyn. We should all be so fortunate and blessed to touch so many people’s lives such as Marilyn did.

Marilyn will definitely be missed. Sara Contreras, Monique Marvez and me, the Latin Divas of Comedy, all agree that Marilyn was THE original latin diva of comedy and we were so honored to have been chosen among many to be in the company of Marilyn Martinez.


I didn't know Marilyn until we met in New Mexico for the first taping of "The Original Latin Divas of Comedy" in August 2004, after almost 9 years of doing stand-up. To say that I was stunned at her ability to create such scandalous mischief on stage is a true understatement. She found the funny bone, dabbed it with her special brand of spice, and gnawed at it til it broke! I was blown away by her total fearlessness and her unforgettable command of the stage. I'd never worked with her before that weekend, and yet it felt like we'd been in each other's dressing rooms many times before. I opened the very first Divas show that night in Alberqueque and Marilyn closed. Right after the show she said "you fucking rocked! You should open all the shows." We did it four more times that weekend and it was truly nothing short of pure magic. There'll never be another one like you Marilyn. How I would have wanted to share just one more dressing room with you. - Sara Contreras

Marilyn Martinez was the first female comedian that I met when I took the stage at the Laugh Factory over a dozen years ago. I had been warned that L.A. comedians were competitive, mean-spirited and would eat me alive. Marilyn could not have been more the opposite of those things. I loved her immediately and she returned that love unconditionally. Marilyn’s appetite for life was only exceeded by her desire to produce happiness in other people. Her jokes would enter through your ears and go straight to your blood system. I cannot pass a Jamba juice, a Home Depot or a chain link fence without feeling a moment of joy and now a tiny ping of loss. She was one of those people that you would say, “ I don’t know how close we were in life, but in spirit we were sisters.” – Monique Marvez

In a business as tough as the comedy business, Marilyn was strong, confident and resilient while still remaining a compassionate friend, a devoted wife, a pioneer and an advocate for women in comedy. She always lent an ear; always had a shoulder; always made us laugh so hard till it hurt. And now we hurt because we miss her. So as we sit around, remembering her comedy bits, we rest assured that there the laughter will definitely continue.

As a Buddhist, I believe that when we have an awareness of death, we strive to live each moment with a beautiful realization that we have a “unique opportunity to create unlimited courage and joy so that we may lead a life of true value; a life in which we inspire others.” This is exactly how Marilyn lived; always encouraging others. It occurs to me that the word “encourage” has the word ‘courage’ in it. Correspondingly, one must first posses ‘courage’ in order to ‘encourage’. It undeniably takes courage to make every effort to achieve victory in our lives and, in turn, light the lamp of hope for others. It absolutely takes courage to be happy and lead an authentic life, faithful to our true selves.

Compassionate, Joyful and Courageous; That was our friend Marilyn Martinez.